Iphone 10 Distorted Text Message Notification Musical Note Alongside Ios 12

Many iPhone X/8 Plus/ vii together with 6s users are facing work later on upgrading to iOS 12 that the notification musical note audio is distorted/stuttering for random notification received on iPhone. The text notification received are distorted similar stuck instead of playing cleanly together with clearly but it doesn’t come about every fourth dimension for every notification. iOS eleven never had this issue. This is annoying equally RANDOMLY distorted notification tones that audio similar they're breaking upward land playing.  Say message musical note is only a “ding”. Sometimes the message musical note volition play equally “ding-ing-ing-ing” .

iPhone distorted ringtone

Some users are reporting distorted message musical note since inwards iPhone X since from iOS 12 together with some are reporting this amongst latest update iOS 12.1.1. The distorted message musical note for text notification is majorly amongst iMessage audio alerts together with t doesn't come about every time. It sounds similar a repeating echo equally though the audio warning is inwards a loop for about three cycles. Playing the music from the iPhone plant only fine, alone during the notification the distortion occurs similar totally distorted garbled broken upward text tone. When tried to modify together with direct together with novel ringtone, that also does non seems to helpful.

How to fix distorted/stuttering ringtone for text Message inwards iPhone:

Fix 1: Logout from iCloud together with purpose it alone on 1 device
Some reports stat that distortion inwards text musical note  happens to a greater extent than oft than non when multiple text gets delivered to the device when you lot percentage an iCloud work organization human relationship amongst other devices. Please logout from other devices similar mac/iPad together with depository fiscal establishment jibe if the distortion inwards iPhone ringtone even then persist.

Fix 2: Power Saver Mode
It is also possible that iOS is causing such stutter inwards iPhone due to ability saver agency turned on inwards your device. Please plough that off together with text 1 time to a greater extent than if it helps.

Fix 3: Turn off the Bluetooth

Some user says that This alone happens to me when Bluetooth is turned on. Test the notification audio amongst Bluetooth off together with run across if the final result occurs.

Fix 4:  Hard reset the iPhone

First of all press together with concur the Power button->After a 2d press together with concur the Home Button->Wait until the Apple logo appears. For iPhone vii onwards you lot involve to press Power button+Volume Down key.

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